IBIZA 2013

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ibz12Happy Sunday sweeties! If you have been following my blog for longer than one year (I’m super grateful if you do ) then you probably recognize some of these pictures. I’m at my mom’s house right now, and luckily enough, I saved all of my Ibiza photos on her computer. This year I would really love to visit this beautiful island again. The problem is, I haven’t found someone who wants to join me. Yet. Haha. All of my friends have other plans this summer, so either I got to find myself some new friends or I need to convince them to join me for a couple of days. The second option seems like a better plan. ;) If I’ll visit Isla Ibiza, I’ll definitely make a guide for you guys. Including the best beaches, its nightlife, where to visit and places to eat and stuff like that. I’m already super excited to do that!! :) Enjoy your dayyy!

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