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Today has been a perfect rainy day. It all started this morning! My nephew & niece woke me up this by lots of kisses and hugs :) We went downstairs and there was warm bread out of the oven waiting for us. After we ate our breakfast, we watched Frozen *for the 100th time, and I’m not even kidding* and drank some tea. Well, they drank apple juice but okay :p After they left, my mom and I baked a cake because my niece Ivy will turn 3 tomorrow! We baked an Elsa cake, because that’s Ivy’s favorite person after all hehe. I’ll probably show you a picture tomorrow on Instagram! Talk to you later ♡ Love!

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It’s all fun and games until you lose your wifi signal.

bckPicture taken last month. Feels weird to put no outfit details beneath a picture haha.. 

‘No wifi, no life’ – ever heard of that quote? Me neither :p But I sure felt like a no lifer the last couple of days hah! We have some trouble with wifi, telephone and tv at home (YES AL 3 OF THEM DON’T WORK) but it will hopefully be fixed tomorrow! *knock on wood*
Right now I’m sitting at Lise’s home and we’re about to make dinner. We’re going to make goat cheese salad which we both looove! I made it once at home but nobody liked it, so now I can finally eat it again haha. After that we’ll watch the season finale of Pretty Little Liars and I’m so curious to find out who A is. At least, that’s what they say will happen! Oke bye sweeties, see you soon! X

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DSC_0120DSC_0130DSC_0132Sunglasses – here // Jacket – Primark (similar) // Scarf – here (similar) // Shoes – here // Pants – H&M 2013 (similar)

Hi girlies! ♡ Happy Saturday! When I looked out of my window this morning, I saw it was cloudy but pretty sunny. I thought, perfect weather to shoot some outfit photo’s :) But, when I arrived at the location it started to rain! So I got my umbrella (ella ella hey hey – okay sorry) and Sam took some pictures of me standing in the rain. Never done this before and we had quite a lot of fun actually! Once we were done, we drove away and the sun started to shine again. Ahh! Welcome to the Netherlands! Haha..
Tonight I’m going to have a sleepover at my bestie and we’re probably going to stay at home, bake cookies and watch some series. It has been forever since I spent a Saturday night in the city clubbing/dancing/drinking, but I don’t really feel the need to do it.. Any of you who feel me? Bye guys & I hope you’ll have a nice evening! X

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