SHOWSHey there from rainy-all-day-long-Arnhem! Since I don’t have to go to school tomorrow & I have no plans for tonight, I’ll probably be watching tv-series all night. I guess I’m not the only one who loves watching Netflix/Popcorn Time in my spare-time, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite tv series with you guys!

First up, my all time favorite:

The Vampire Diaries. Let’s face it – admitting to someone you’re an adult who watches a show called The Vampire Diaries can be a bit embarrassing.. But, it actually is a really exciting show. The storyline is really good and well thought out, and the characters are fun and lovable. Also, does the name Ian Somerhalder ring a bell?!?! If you’re not familiar with him, google him right now. You’re welcome.

Suits. You’ve probably heard about this one before. It feels like everybody I know loves watching it! I usually watch this show with my boyfriend, we both really like it. It’s a pretty serious show, but at times very hilarious as well. To give you a little information about Suits: it’s about Mike Ross, a twentysomething year old who lost his parents at a young age. He works at a fancy New York law firm, where everyone wears suits, but he’s harboring a huge secret and many troubles come with it…

Pretty Little Liars. I think many of you are familiar with this show as well. I feel like I’m actually a bit old to watch this show, but I’ve been watching it since the start and now I. need. to. know. who. A. is. Like seriously, when will we know?! Haha.. Also, I have to admit, a huge part of the reason why I love it is because of the actresses.

Which shows do you really enjoy watching? Let me know in the comments down below ♥

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WEEK11Monday: My best friend Lise spent a couple of days at my place in Amsterdam and we had a fun time! On Monday morning we went to Coffee & Coconuts to drink coffee and work together. Afterwards we went to town and visited the Nike store. We both bought the black & white Nike Huaraches – they walk sooo heavenly!! week2e
Tuesday: After my meeting at a PR agency, I felt very motivated. When I was home I wrote down my blog schedule, this way you guys know what to expect and I have some handy guidelines. In case you can’t read my (super pretty, uhum) handwriting: On Monday you can expect an outfit post, Tuesday an outfit post or a regular blogpost (about my inspiration, random thoughts, or whatever), on Wednesday I have my ‘Wednesday Topics’, Thursday an outfit post, Friday an outfit/blog post, Saturday an outfit post and Sunday it’ll be time again for ‘My Week In Pictures’ post. week3Wednesday: I attended the VIP opening of Topshop! Oh la laaa! Topshop is one of my favorite stores so I was very happy I could be here :) I didn’t buy anything because I was a bit overwhelmed of all of the stuff haha.. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon and I’ll let you know what I buy then!week4Thursday: I spent the day with my little nephew, ehh, I mean lion! How cool is his cap?! We visited some interior shops and ate ice cream together. Yes, even though it’s very cold in Holland, it’s never too cold for ice cream. I also went to the gym for a good work out! week5eFriday: Lise was back in town and we visited Coffee & Coconuts in the morning again. We went out for dinner in the evening at ‘Thrill Grill’, which was so delicious! Seriously, it was the most delicious burger I’ve ever tasted. During night time we placed the tv in front of my bed -it was my last night in Amsterdam after all- and we watched Frozen while enjoying a brownie with ice cream. And we sang, a loooot! How can someone not sing when they hear LET IT GOOO LET IT GOOO?week6Saturday: Moving day! In case you ever wondered: this is how my life looks in boxes/garbage bags :p Bye bye pretty Amsterdam, I hope to be back soon! Very soon! Talk to you tomorrow guys <3

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amster Pretty Amsterdam during summertime!

Happy Wednesday! Uh Thursday! Even though it’s 24 hours later, I still want to share this blogpost with you. I can imagine that today’s topic isn’t relevant to all of you, but since we all will move one day – I hope you will find this helpful anyway! :)
So I’m moving in 2 days, back to my hometown Arnhem. I think that moving is the biggest household task there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. But if you can get a head start & stay organized – you can avoid moving day chaos! Here are my tips:

Get organized early! Avoid doing everything last minute. Write down a list of things you need. (unfortunately, I always end up doing things last minute. Like 2hours-before-deadline-last-minute. But I will make sure this time I’ll do it differently!)

Gather all required packing supplies. I’m talking about moving boxes of different sizes. Bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, tape, garbage bags etc. I use garbage bags for non-breakable items (such as clothing). But make sure you use heavy bags with ties, and make sure the bags are not packed so full that they are hard to handle. It’s extremely important to label the bags so they are not mistaken as trash! (!!!)

Start packing. Decide what will move with you and what will stay behind. There may be items that you don’t need anymore or that aren’t worth moving. If you don’t use it now, you most likely won’t use it later. Decide what stays and what goes and start packing.

Enlist any help you can get! You will get a lot more done, with family members/friends helping you pack. My brother will help us carrying boxes etc. Since I’m living on the third floor somewhere in Amsterdam, it’s nice to have some people help you surviving the endless stairways. :)

This was it! Now I need to get back to my packing schedule; folding all of my clothes is next on my list! Bye bye! XX

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